How to Choose a PR Company for Your Start Up

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Launching a start up entails a number of difficult steps before you can get to a point of relative safety and sustainability – let alone profit.

Most start ups just don’t have the capital for in-house PR and marketing. The expertise needed to remain competitive and manoeuvre the market is just too high, and competition is steep.

Proven Expertise

You need a dependable PR agency to help you navigate the fiercely competitive market and launch your start up with a bang.

Investing in a reputable PR and marketing partner will get you the support of a proven expert in the field. Your brand needs to be strong, concise and competitive. Otherwise, your start up might get buried among countless other companies and lost in obscurity.

When choosing a PR company, focus on relevant expertise in your own industry. There are no jacks of all trades when it comes to PR, and a company that promises to position your brand regardless of industry should be avoided.

Instead, find a PR company with a portfolio of successful projects in the industry you are planning to penetrate with your start up.

A Friendly Face

In addition to proven expertise in your specific industry, you need your PR partners to be approachable and offer an individualised and personal solution for your start up.

To have top-tier service with a friendly face, seek out smaller PR agencies that focus on quality rather than quantity.

You don’t have to deal with PR on your own, and it doesn’t have to be costly or bothersome either. Here at Purple Stone, we can help your luxury fashion and beauty start up get the market exposure it deserves and help you deliver your products to those who will appreciate them the most.

Purple Stone PR is an award winning and leading London PR Agency dedicated to the growth of emerging luxury brands.


Bridget Addow