Brand Development: Are You Doing it Right?

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The power and consistency of a brand will define the future of success for any business. Brand development is as much an art, as it’s a science, and combines a number of factors, including:

·        Your unique selling points

·        The people you are serving

·        Your vision and value proposition

·        Your goals

·        All branding and marketing media

However, branding can never be static, and branding development is a process of ongoing improvement. As your business evolves, your brand should keep changing and adapting to remain relevant.

Branding Image

Branding is expressed through logos, images, videos and any other media your audience would find interest. As part of brand development, the image should be consistent, but also consistently improving, to ensure a natural continuity as your business matures.


Target audiences change and shift during the ongoing process of brand development, and as a business grows and redefines its goals. Proper brand development should anticipate these changes and adapt in time to better target new demographics.

Unique Selling Points

As target audiences shift, so will unique selling points. Whether you are focusing on timeless values or continuous innovation, your selling points should change as your brand matures. Something that was ground-breaking before might soon be considered trite, and something that is now considered essential might seem redundant tomorrow.

Partnering With a Brand Development Professional

Here at Purple Stone PR, we empower fashion and luxury brands in realizing their dreams through efficient and cost-effective branding development. We can translate your vision into a concise branding development strategy to enable your business to grow and evolve.

Purple Stone PR is an award winning and leading London PR Agency dedicated to the growth of emerging luxury brands.

Bridget Addow