5 Ways to Take Control of Your Digital Reputation

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In today’s digital world, more than 95% of all consumers read online reviews before committing to a purchase.

Just a handful of online review can make or break the launch of a new product, so you can’t afford to leave your online reputation to chance. Here is what you can do to take control of your digital reputation.

1. Social Media Engagement

The majority of online users browse social media on a daily basis. Social media reputation includes building a social media presence for your company. The benefits are many and not always obvious. Building a strong social media followership allows companies to share positive reviews at virtually zero cost.

Satisfied customers will share their positive experience, encouraging their friends to become your customers as well.

2. Incentives

If you are struggling to get online reviews, you may have to give some form of incentive to your customers. Many companies offer small bonuses to encourage customers to leave honest reviews. Big retail platforms like Amazon encourage this practice, and boutique retailers have actively been doing this since the days of conventional marketing anyway.

3. Direct Customer Engagement

Engaging directly with your customers will help you build trust and confidence for your products. Just a simple follow-up email after their purchase can help build a long-lasting business relationship and establish your company as friendly and helpful.

4. Positive Reputation Management

It is always a good idea to promote and showcase the most positive and constructive reviews of your offerings. Encouraging long-term customers to write testimonials and actively seeking out the opinion of new customers through social media will help you build a nexus of positive reviews that will boost your online reputation.

5. Defence against Negative Reputation Management

Finally, you should always keep an eye out for negative reviews and address them directly. What made this customer unhappy? Can you use that review to make your offerings even better? If customers see that you care, you may even turn a negative review into a positive one.


Bridget Addow