The Importance of Online Reputation Management

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In today’s digital world, there are hundreds of platforms for feedback, reviews, comparisons, and comments. With 84% of all customers trusting online reviews as much as friends, any company doing business online must focus on online reputation management to achieve their branding goals.

Online Reputation Management Basics

Reputation management has been an integral part of branding forever. In the broadest sense, it includes every activity that improves the public image of a company. Thanks to the internet, reputation management today has achieved unprecedented reach.

Online reputation management encompasses search engine results, social media comments, online reviews, blog comments, and general public opinion about a company.

Through the use of online marketing tools and incentives, companies can encourage positive reviews and social media engagement.

Online reputation management is scalable up to a global scale and allows companies to present themselves in a positive light without breaking their marketing budget. In fact, it can become a remarkably efficient marketing vessel if done right.

The potential for cost-effective promotion through positive reputation is staggering. Companies with a good online reputation will receive positive reviews on a regular basis at zero cost. This can give companies a definitive advantage over their competitors.

The Dark Side of Reputation Management

Even if you don’t want to invest in online reputation management, you can’t ignore its implications. If you are not doing online reputation management, your competitors will.

Moreover, there exists a dark side of reputation management that involves negative reviews and other less scrupulous means. Many companies are facing trouble due to defamation and misinformation from unscrupulous competitors.

The only way to protect your company from negative reviews against your company is to engage in honest online reputation management of your own. Thankfully, positive reputation management is more effective than defamation, and most online platforms will remove fake negative reviews if you report them. But to be able to find the fake reviews and report them, you will have to dedicate some resources to reputation management.

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Bridget Addow