4 Tips For Perfect Brand Alignment Across Your Company

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In today’s competitive markets, brand alignment is key to marketing efficiency. If your brand is not aligned internally, as well as externally, you might be misspending your marketing budget.

To remain competitive, your brand needs to be concise and authentic. That’s where brand alignment comes in. Let’s see how you can perfect branding communication below.

1. Unique and Memorable

In essence, brand alignment measures the authenticity and memorability of your brand. Your brand must make your company stand out and differentiate your offerings in the market.

When your brand is not aligned, you are missing opportunities to promote your business and you risk of getting lost in a flood of seemingly similar companies.

Without a strong and concise messaging, your departments may even work against each other unintentionally. For example, your web designer might remove key aspects of branding from your pages, or your business development team might fail to mention key aspects of your strategy to potential clients.

2. Concise Brand Guidelines

Your brand is only as good as the guidelines you set for it. By establishing well defined brand guidelines, you will guide your teams to align all branding efforts.

Your brand guidelines should describe with precision how your brand should look across every medium. The guidelines should cover logos, typefaces, colours, proportions, slogans, packaging materials, and every other aspect that goes into branding.

3. Ask Customers and Team Members

An inconsistent brand image will confuse your customers and give the wrong signal to employees. Ask your employees about your brand and see if they talk about it in the same way. If your own team members are confused, you need to set clearer guidelines as soon as possible.

4. Long-Term Brand Alignment

Finally, brand alignment is all about maintaining and updating your brand image. No company is static and as markets shift, your brand should adjust and realign itself to remain relevant.

You can’t expect your brand guidelines to remain the same as years go by. To avoid falling behind, leverage the power of metrics to periodically evaluate your brand and make adjustments when necessary. That way, your brand will remain aligned in the long run.

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Bridget Addow