Three simple SEO hacks to increase your brand visibility

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Are you trying to increase brand visibility through search engine optimization? Outranking your competitors may seem like a daunting task, especially in highly saturated markets, but there are some clever and inexpensive ways you can boost SEO effectiveness, as we will see below.

Mobile Friendliness

Thanks to Google’s mobile-first indexing, you can no longer ignore mobile friendly design. Your SEO efforts will suffer unless your website features adaptive design. This means that your pages can be displayed correctly on all devices accessing it from the same URL.

To further enhance your site’s mobile friendliness for SEO purposes, you should invest in accelerated mobile pages (AMP), which is a new coding approach to mobile friendly web design. AMP dramatically increases loading speeds for smartphone users, which will both boost your SEO efforts, and increase your organic traffic.

Offer Evergreen Content

We’ve all heard how content is king, but not all content is created equal. While most business owners know and understand the concept of evergreen content, not many utilize it properly.

Most content decays over time when it depends on time-sensitive information. News gets old, tech guides become obsolete, and reviews become irrelevant. However, evergreen content retains its usefulness in the long run.

Some great topics for evergreen content include:

·        Case studies

·        How-to guides

·        DIY tutorials

·        Educational articles

·        Interviews

·        Best practices

·        Scientific research

·        Historical articles

When given the option between “hot” topics and evergreen content, the former might give you a short-term boost, but evergreen content will always overtake trendy articles in the long run.

Image Optimization

Finally, image optimization is a huge part of SEO, and one that most business owners overlook. If you’re not using images in your content, you are doing SEO wrong. But if you are not optimizing your images, you are wasting a lot of SEO potential.

Image optimization includes:

·        Proper image names and descriptions

·        Appropriate alt tags

·        Using reasonable size, resolution, and image quality

·        Avoid using duplicate images

Using the above while combining images with the appropriate content will boost your content strategy at virtually zero cost!

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